Planning For Your Portrait Session 

Clothing: Bring a variety of outfits from dressy to casual, traditional to funky. 
Solids Colors photograph better than wild patterns (especially with traditional poses) BUT please wear what you feel comfortable in, these are your (and your family) portraits.


Hair: Your portrait session is not the time to be experimenting with new hair styles (or colors).  If you would like to get it cut, try to do it at least a couple weeks before the session so you get use to the way you want to style it.  If you want to change style during the session (for specific look or outfit) that’s OK!


Makeup: Ladies, wear makeup that is natural for you. If you are going to change your makeup during your session, try to wear the lightest (or most natural) early in your session and add more as the session progresses.


Blemishes: If you wake up with an unsightly blemish the morning of your session, don't panic! Remember that any image you choose to order includes professional retouching.  But if you feel you MUST use cover-up try not to apply it too heavily we will take care of it!


Guys: A fresh shave looks the best!  If you wear a mustache or beard, please have it trimmed.


Family Portrait Tips: Classic clothing, like khaki and denim, is timeless. Coordinating solid color tops with jeans or khakis work well. The eye is drawn to bright areas in the photograph, so no one should wear white unless everyone is wearing white. Keep in mind, portraits are meant to last a lifetime. Don't pick a style that won't last past next month. Avoid patterns, plaids, stripes, prints, and "trendy" styles that will make your portrait look outdated in a few years. Coordinate a complete look, head to toe, with each member of the group.

Music: Bring your favorite CD's, it's amazing how music works to help relax you! 

Senior Portrait Tips: Please bring things that show what you enjoy doing at this time in your life! The skies the limit on this one, nothing is too crazy! Sports equipment, musical instruments or your pet.  If you have a best friend or special someone you would like to bring along to help you relax, go for it!  We will include them in few of your images if you like.  Just call if you have any questions.


Finally, Have Fun